Rugged Wear


SerengetiWe walked for miles with adventurers searching for gold. We rounded up
cattle on horseback for weeks. We cast lines with fishermen and went
white water rafting. We dug and planted with landscapers and went quad
biking with thrill seekers. We leopard crawled with game rangers and
tracked poachers bent on destroying our natural heritage. We rode on
tractors ploughing fields and assisted at archaeological dig sites.

With the sun beating down on us or rain pouring over us, we criss-crossed
Africa, through savannah, bush and desert, over mountains, through
streams, on foot, on horseback or 4x4. This is our uniquely African life-style.

Work or play we need clothing that can take the pace; that is tough and yet still looks good!

Made from fabrics that are tough, quick drying and easy to care for: this is the RUGGEDWEAR range.
Proudly manufactured in South Africa and distributed throughout Africa and the rest of the world.

If you’re RUGGED, you’re wearing it!

Proudly Manufactured in South Africa

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